The service range of the Cash Services division includes secured transfer of cash and valuables, ATM replenishment, Vaulting and Processing Services, multi-point cash collection and Caretaker Services. The Cash Service Division has been operating as an independent business division.
Over the last few years, MERIT Cash Service Division has developed its business with a strong focus on R&D, Training and Customer needs. Today, it has one of the most sophisticated fleets in the country specially designed to meet customer requirements. Our specialized training programs for crew members and managers ensure delivery of high quality services to the end user.
Our aim is to provide “tailor-made” solutions to cater to the specific needs of each individual
customer. Our cash van’s are innovatively designed and structured to adapt to market realities and cost parameters, making them far superior to our competitors
MERIT Cash Services team is responsible for identifying new opportunities, developing superior products and enhancing value for customers by meeting International (Cash Transportation) business standards. The Division stand committed to deliver world class cash management solutions in India.

  • Transfer of Cash and Valuables to and from banks
  • ATM Replenishment
  • Multi point cash collection
  • Secured transfer of valuables
  • Caretaker Services
  • Vaulting and Processing of Cash

  • Cash vans

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    design as per International standard

  • Specially recruited and trained crew
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • In-house design and fabrication capability