Carrier & Standards
We welcome applicants who are interested in a challenging career and are qualified for the following positions. Qualified applicants would be those who have previous experience in directing the following divisions or the overall operation in security or service industry:

  • Security Systems & Integrated Solutions
  • Training officer
  • Management Officers(G.M,R.M,O.M)
  • Marketing executive
  • HR Staffing Solutions
  • Verifications & Investigations
  • Facility Management
  • Corporate HR
  • Commercial
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Sector Officers
  • Security guards.
Please forward your resume to :

Recruitment standards
  • Do not allow agents to recruit candidates directly
  • Test on language ability – written and spoken
  • Physical attributes
  • Only the top 70% are selected

Training standards
  • 100% Federal trained staff
  • Internal basic security training
  • Onsite training before deployment
  • Specialized training depending on client requirements
  • Trained and certified Supervisors for quality control
Organization Capacity & Capabilities

  • Back Office Systems
  • Group Visa Allocation
  • Management Support
  • Quick response
Supervision and motivation
  • Performance based rewards
  • Internal promotions
  • Activities
Systems and Procedures
Supported by a back-end ERP based system bringing together duty rostering,
human resources, marketing, finance and operational planning to deliver quality services.

Customer relations and reporting
  • Best Security Services Provider
  • Client Retention
  • Presence in all major sectors
  • Dedicated Client Operations Manager (COM)
24/7 control room

  • Dedicated control room operational 24/7
  • Response time depending on the emergency is immediate and no later than
  • 24 hours on queries
  • Online access to all incidents with separate login/password to each client
IT systems

Provide consultation, professional installation and maintenance of the latest electronic security technology best suited to either the domestic or commercial markets. All sites are surveyed to provide the client

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with a holistic security solution.