Closed Circuit TV Systems

In recent years CCTV has done much to deter crime and anti-social behavior in town Centers, housing estates, hospitals, factories, banks, airports, and railways. CCTV cameras not only provide increased levels of security and safety, but can bring reassurance to the general law abiding public.CCTV can provide you with levels of security and safety you never thought possible.
MERIT is leading the way in the design and installation of integrated analogue and IP Based CCTV systems. The choice of CCTV systems that we can offer is extensive, ranging from Simple,single-camera installations to large scale, multi-camera systems.
Our expertise across all types of electronic security means that we are able to integrate CCTV with other security systems such as Perimeter Detection, Intruder Alarm and Access Control systems.
Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are now a vital tool to deter would be thieves and opportunists entering our premises. With sophisticated electronic surveillance now being installed in our homes and work places, these systems can be tailor made to suit everyone’s needs.
MERIT ‘s unique protection network of Control Centers and Dispatch Depots keeps watch on your premises around the clock and responds immediately in the event of unauthorized entry, fire, gas leaks or other emergencies.This comprehensive service and attention to detail makes MERIT the leader in customized security systems.
We provide our subscribers with Total Peace of Mind through: -.
  • Security systems tailor-made to suit individual needs.
  • Totally effective, state-of-the-art electronic equipment.
  • Totally effective response to any intrusions, emergency signals, and fire signals whichever is applicable.
  • Totally effective technical back-up services and maintenance.
  • Totally effective 24-hour surveillance and a well-trained Response Team.
  • An ALL-IN-ONE Total MERIT Security Package.

Today’s access control technology offers tremendous benefits to an organization to protect from unauthorized entries. You can now improve security by automatically managing access at entrances with the swipe or scan of an access control card.You can also safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases for control room. .
Card Access Systems are the security systems designed to monitor and control access to buildings, protected areas and even homes. Because keys can be copied and used by virtually anyone, card access is much more reliable at knowing who can get where, when and how.
With the modern technologies, a computerized control system can now incorporate with the proximity cards. When the card is touch against the reader, the reader check against the software for access granted. The protected door is released for authorized access.
What do you expect from a modern Access Control System?
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Centralized User Control
  • Strong Accessibility Setting
  • Modern Technologies
  • Modern Reader Design
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Includes Time Attendance Reporting
  • Able to integrate with Alarm and CCTV
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems play an extremely important role in developing fire strategies as they are an integral part of notifying occupants, activating suppression systems and smoke management systems, and notifying the fire department in the event of the fire.
These systems range from conventional to analogue addressable fire alarm systems for a wide range of applications including high rise commercial offices, industrial, warehouses,healthcare etc.
For larger sites the systems can be fully integrated onto a peer to peer network with detailed information being shared between several systems. Site wide information and control can be provided by a graphical user interface (GUI). This aids and helps co-ordinate the sites overall fire fighting strategy.