• Pre Matrimonial Enquiry
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Divorce Cases And Alimony
  • Shadowing/ Surveillance
  • Finding A Missing Person
  • Theft And Robbery Cases
  • Fact Finding
  • Certificates. & Documents Verification
Pre Matrimonial Enquiry

Getting married to someone is a lifelong commitment and arguably the most important and almost an irreversible decision. Hence it becomes extremely important that one should perform some basic check before getting into marriage.
In the era of online marriage, it becomes even more critical to find out few things before getting into life long commitment. There is a tendency amongst, to take everything one the face value or rely upon few common friends or relatives to get a background check of the prospective groom or bride. Although this tendency is changing at rapid pace in India but still there are many who thinks that WE KNOW EVERTYTHING and there is no need to spend unnecessarily on investigating or suspecting one ‘s life partner.
It is not uncommon in India to lie about or manipulate few things in order to elevate oneself and get a better life partner. Such an unhealthy practice may result into mismatch. Getting into a bad marriage not only shatters the dream one had, but also leaves behind a long, lonely & painful life to live. In order to avoid such a situation and to enable you or your loved ones to take informed, correct and unbiased decision.
we have devised a special package which cover the following aspects:
  • Character Verification
  • Habits (Drinking, Smoking & Spending)
  • Family Background
  • Financial Status
  • Social Status
  • Earlier Marriage
We undertake the task with utmost confidentially and at no stage the other party would know that they are being investigated. We understand that this being very sensitive matter need to be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. We have a dedicated team for matrimonial investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the task confidentially and wisely.
Post Matrimonial Investigation

In today’s fast paced & instant world, the Indian culture & values are taking a back seat. Instant gratification has become a way of life. According to a recent survey by India today, around 26% of the urban population admitted of infidelity.
Post matrimonial investigation is a check on your spouse activity (infidelity). It would include when he/she is leaving from home, whom he/she is meeting, where they are going, their proximity with each other and all other relevant things. We would provide you details with pictures and video recording, wherever possible. One may get suspicious about infidelity on happening or non happening of certain event and this leads to emotional & mental trauma and self destructive phase. Hence it is advisable to conduct certain checks in order to get the clear picture beyond any doubt..
We undertake the task with utmost confidentially and at no stage the other party would know that they are being investigated. We understand that this being a very sensitive matter needs to be handled with utmost care and confidentially. We have a dedicated team for matrimonial investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the task confidentially and wisely.
Divorce Cases And Alimony

There may be some grounds on the basis of which you have filed for a divorce or planning to do it. As the court decisions are based on facts and evidence, our expert would help you to get the fact out with evidence so that you can put forward your case in a much stronger manner to the court. For getting the divorce adultery, desertion, cruelty, impotency and chronic disease are the main grounds for divorce in India. We understand the law and that is why we are able to understand your problem better than others. also, if the other party is demanding heavy alimony inspire of being well employed, and then we can help you to prove this fact and save you from a fortune. Usually, we divide the case into two phases. In the first phase, we find out whether she/he is working somewhere. In the second phase, we get the documentary proof in order to enable you to prove in the court.
Shadowing / Surveillance
Shadowing or tailing a person helps one to find out the exact activity of the person. It normally includes where the subject goes, whom he meets, what he does, etc. We have a dedicated team for carrying out the surveillance. Our team of professional performs their job with absolute professionalism and care so that the person shadowing would at no stage come to know that he is under surveillance. For instance, we change our team constantly and we also employ different vehicle each day. The report would be backed by evidence in the nature of pictures and video recording..
Finding a Missing Person
If a person goes missing, he leaves behind a number of clues through which we can trace him. We advise you to write a mail to us, giving all the relevant information to enable us to tell you the chances For those who have an article delegated that you will require help with, you can purchase essay online cheap from us. Your composition must present your personality, your objectives, and the reasons you apply to get a specific university. Your college essay should contain information that are related to the instruction offered to you. Also, you’re able to easily essays for sale online be highly cautious when selecting a service to acquire it assist. because of this, you can find a graduate admission essay irrespective of its complexity. If you’ve encountered similar problems at least once, then you have to already take note that it is wise to locate a service to write a college paper on the internet of success in your case. with our widest network and experience; we can find a missing person. But, as a matter of fact, the chances of finding a missing person vary from case to case and we do not guarantee the outcome.
Theft And Robbery Cases

We have achieved great success in unearthing theft and robbery cases. We have a dedicated team from police and legal background to solve such cases. In theft cases, each and every fact is important and hence we request you to jot down all the facts on a paper before visiting us. We prefer to receive the preliminary information through email rather than on phone as it help us to outline your case and better understand it at the latter stage.
Fact Finding

You may doubt about the authentication of any information. Rely on us. We shall find out the true picture so that there is no need to take everything on the face value. Fact finding could be of any nature and type. We would authenticate particular information so that you can know whether it is a fact or a fiction.
Certificates & Documents Verification

We can verify authenticity of following certificates and documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Court papers (divorce papers, etc.)
  • Property papers
  • RTO papers
  • Various licenses issued by the government & public authorities